"I've worked with Moxie on numerous occasions planning special events on both a personal and professional level. They have designed multiple invitations and promotional material for my special events at the Marietta Museum of History. I am always impressed by their unique designs and they always deliver their services on time and in a professional manner."

- AR, Curator

"From creating small digital design ads to full eBooks and collateral, Kelly not only designs high quality, professional print, digital and event marketing material, she takes the additional time to truly understand her subject and add real value to the content through her design. She has a very creative nature which combined with her understanding of product and messaging works synergistically produce amazing work!"

-PB, Chief Marketing Officer

"I have worked with Moxie Designs over the course of 10 years in both public and private companies. Kelly's graphic design and creative genius have helped me transform brand identities and take marketing to the next level. I would highly recommend Moxie as an extension of any marketing department – she is one of the most creative people in the industry. And, I look forward to working with her again"


- SP, Director of Marketing

"Kelly designed my daughter's toddler bedroom. The result was so wonderful, I invited her back to design my second baby's nursery. I loved that work so much, I hired her this year to help me redesign the house to be more kid-friendly. My two girls now have a Montessori-inspired playroom, art space, and shared bedroom. Her genius is taking a vision and making it reality. She is an artist and has an amazing network of original thinkers who made my home gorgeous."




We carry a good bit of MOXIE.


We get tight deadlines. We get budgets.We get teamwork. We get that you want to stand out from your competition. We get that you may not know what you want yet. We get that you may have tried to do it on your own at first. We get it.

We work random hours to meet those deadlines! We give creative solutions to help you stay within your budget! We can jump in a be a part of your internal team seamlessly. We make you look good. We are very patient-very, and we wont laugh at your first attempts!


 T: 678-477-8860 | kellymgrainger@gmail.com | résumé

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